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Adidas Eskolaite Chrome Pack Released


Adidas have landed a limited fresh new colourway on their ACE and X series as their football revolution continues.

Building on the success of the new boots, Adidas has dropped another fresh lick of paint for their signature boots as they look to steal attention away from Nike in the new season. The Eskolaite pack comes wrapped in a silver chrome upper to make them really stand out on the pitch as they look to dominate the new season.


It all gets very scientific as you delve down into the details behind the Eskolaite pack. According to Adidas, Eskolaite is an uncommon Chromium Oxide mineral and has been used for the very first time to give the Eskolaite Pack its striking design that will light up the pitch on any footballer. The chrome coating, which has green accents, gives the Eskolaite Pack a truly bold new look and with it comes the same ground breaking technology of ACE and X.

Very, sciencey.

The bold new boots were released yesterday, August 16th, and are available today, August 17th, from adidas.com, but will receive now high profile player support on pitch. Instead Adidas will continue to use the launch colourway of Solar Yellow and second released of Solar Blue.

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